Grab bags are a great way to get well designed t shirts at a heavily discounted price, but I’m really not one for surprises. I always end up getting a shirt I already own, or the one design that I REALLY don’t like. Fortunately, Design By Humans has come up with an alternative – the Tee Grinder. Just select your size and gender, and then click the “Grind!” button. The wheels will spin, and the Tee Grinder will spit out a three shirt combo. They could be all black, one could be out of print, another could be on sale; only the Tee Grinder knows for sure. The awesome part is that you don’t commit to buying the bundle until after the t shirts have been randomly selected, allowing you to keep on spinning until you find a group you like. I took some spins and here are the bundles I ended up with:

I actually tried it about ten times, and these were the five I liked best. You can see that some t shirts came up more than once. All five had at least two shirts I would wear regularly. Each bundle is only $25, so at a little more than $8 a shirt, I could wear the one I don’t like to the gym, as pajamas, or when I do work around the house. I challenge you to give Design By Human‘s Tee Grinder a try and not find at least one bundle that you’d be willing to pay $25 for.