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Reigning Tee Madness Champion 8-Bit Zombie blew a lot of people’s minds yesterday with their extraordinary Summer 2012 release. The coolest item was definitely the “8-bit Zombie Kids Club” package which included a custom lunch box, patch and t shirt. The t shirt was available in two colors, heather neon orange and heather kelly green. I refer to this item in the past tense only because it was super limited and sold out in just a few hours. I was pretty swamped at work, and unfortunately missed out on this purchase. 8-bit Zombie hinted on Facebook that the shirts and patches will make a comeback, though.

But have no fear, there are a bunch of other super rad items that celebrate everything great about the ’80s. Here are a few of my favorites, all available right now over at the 8-bit Zombie shop.

Go Ape’s “How They Died” t shirt raises so many new questions about the origins of the Pac-Man villians. What crime(s) did they commit to deserve beheading!? How old are they? Is that Pac-Man under the executioner’s hood with those beady yellow eyes? Are the they French?

Put one on and start your own conversation, and step up your game with my all-time favorite Google doodle.