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I’ve been anxiously awaiting United Pixelworkers‘ return, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. They’ve made updates that include extensive sorting options by gender, size, collections, etc; and the ability to request reprints (I’m putting in one for the “Milwaukee” t shirt right now).

Special addition pre-orders were previously available for 1 month, but they are now only up for 1 week. The upside of this change is quicker delivery. Stand out from the crowd with the “UNTD PXLWRKRS” t shirt in its new colorway. It showcases their custom typeface in red-orange and blue ink that really pops on the asphalt blank. If you’d like a more subdued version, request a reprint on the previous Heather Lieutenant version.

If you like what you see, I highly recommend following United Pixelworkers on Twitter @pixelworkers to avoid missing out on their limited edition pre-orders.

“Are you a large person? Pleasantly plump? A little on the hefty side, perhaps?” All joking aside, quite a few of my friends are of the larger variety, and I know it can be tough for them to find cool threads in their size. A lot of times it’s hard for independent brands to stock the larger sizes – the blank shirts cost more, and there’s the risk that they just might not sell. Luckily you can count on Draplin Design Co. to bang out a solid design exclusively for the big men. It’s ONLY available in 2XL – 4XT!

Now, my rambling can’t even hold a candle to the captivating words that flow from Aaron Draplin‘s lips (or or from his fingertips, in this instance), so make sure you read the full description over at the Draplin Design Co. Merch site.

A bright design to welcome the warm weather, from the big man responsible for one of my all time favorite logos. Draplin Design Co. has an extensive merch section for a design firm. If you’ve got 3 minutes to spare, check out Aaron Draplin getting fired up about the current state of graphic design. I don’t know why I passed up the chance to see him speak in Philadelphia this past September, I sure hope he comes back around someday.