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Declaration Clothing is offering a super limited t shirt depicting Uncle Sam perfect for showing your patriotism this 4th of July. Order yours now and hopefully you’ll receive it just in time for your holiday celebration. There are only 50 hand numbered pieces being produced, and last time I checked it was already sold out in both Medium and Large. As an added bonus, if you add one of their Copper or Pewter Independence Openers to your order, you’ll get the bottle opener at 50% of the original cost. I think that alone calls for a celebration!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. There are quite a few sales that I could have featured today, but this one from Declaration Clothing seemed the most fitting. There’s some great history behind every one of their designs. The motif on “Independence” was originally found on the uniform buttons of Continental Army officers. I personally own “The Rebellious Stripes” t shirt.

If you order yours today, be sure to enter the code “MD25” for 25% off.

Ahhh, Memorial Day. The beer will be flowing, the burgers and hot dogs will be going on the grill, most of us won’t be working, and we’ll all be looking forward to the summer ahead. You can also count on more than a few people sporting an American flag somewhere on their person; whether it be a pin, a shirt, or a hat. 
There’s always the Old Navy $5 flag tee, available at Old Navy stores and online. I think I’ll go with the Nike True Colors USA Track & Field t shirt instead. Available in both black and white, it has a classier feel to it. The burnout design reminds me of a battlefield flag that’s been weathered by more than just the elements. I also like the fit of Nike’s standard fit t shirts (I have a New York Mets one). 
Whatever you decide to wear on Memorial Day, try not forget the real reason for the holiday. Take a minute out of your day to remember those who gave their lives for our country.