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Craig Robson is putting a serious hurting on my wallet with his recent wave of limited releases. These pieces sell out so fast; the newest version of his “Secrets” t shirt may be gone by the time you read this post. The truffle colorway marks the third release of this design. The black aqua version of this t shirt is still my favorite (unfortunately I missed out on picking it up), but I don’t think that would hinder me from purchasing this newest one. Get yours before it’s gone from the Daggers For Teeth store.

Dance Party Massacre just released the 2nd installment in their DPM Artist Series, and this time they’ve teamed up with the creep-tacular artist Boneface. The attention to detail and the bright color palette looks amazing. The t shirt release is also accompanied by an 18″ x 24″ full color print.  I really hope they print up the Bloodsucker design on a t shirt in the future.

You can purchase the t shirt and print separately, or together as a discounted combo pack.