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I’m more into the Winter Games, but I do check in with Summer Games coverage regularly to keep tally of the U.S. medal count. And there was no way I was going to miss the opening ceremonies. If only the U.S. team was wearing the Rebel8Olympics” baseball t shirt instead of those goofy berets. Order one for yourself now, and you should have it before the closing ceremonies. As a bonus, there’s no date, so you’ll be ready for 2014 well in advance.

Major League Baseball’s 2012 All-Star Game is this upcoming weekend. I think that for a lot of us, our fondness for America’s pastime goes back to the first time we put on a glove or grabbed a bat, and ran out on the playground or Little League field. Even the worst players got their chance to play (including myself). I just wish I could have played for the Southern California Little League’s Bears – there would have been beer instead of Magic Fountain, and a trip to Japan.  Pay tribute to these cinematic underdogs by suiting up in Found Item Clothing’s “Chico’s Bail Bonds” 3/4 sleeve baseball jersey.

This just came in the mail today. I’m always rolling up my sleeves, so in my opinion, 3/4 sleeve baseball jerseys are where it’s at. Mishka does a kick ass job promoting this collab with Obey on their blog, this link will take you there. You can get your own at both the Mishka and Obey online stores (shipping’s a little cheaper at Obey).