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It’s funny to me that Batman merch is so popular in recent years. I wore these Batman Chucks back in grade school, and I got so much shit for it. Anyway, in anticipation of the release of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Design By Humans presents the Official Dark Knight Rises T Shirt Design Contest. With over 3000 submissions; Design By Humans, Warner Bros., and DC Comics had some tough decisions to make.

Design By Humans is releasing one of each of the 5 winners every day, and so far the artwork does the final installment in the Nolan Batman series it’s due justice. My favorite so far is “BANE“, as I am a fan of bright, oversized prints. Visit the site all week long to see the winners, and don’t wait long if your thinking of ordering one of the shirts – print runs are limited.

Glennz Tees pays homage to the best Batman of the lot. I have a funny feeling that this shark repellent was made by Acme.

Glenn Jones got started in t shirt design as a member of the Threadless community. Due to the popularity of his designs, he decided to branch out and create his own brand.