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Dance Party Massacre will have you ready for all your summer get-togethers and fall tailgating with the “Blood, Sweat & Beers” koozie. This new item was added with their Summer 2012 line-up. It’s made to fit 16 oz. “tall boy” cans. You could always wrap it around a good old PBR, or maybe check out the 16 oz. craft cans from Sixpoint Brewery out of Brooklyn, NY (one of my favorite breweries).

The koozies are available in a combo pack of 3 (my favorite is the camo), or you can receive one free (while supplies last) with orders over $19.95. Bottoms up!

After asking my very patient girlfriend “Have we tried this beer before?” for the upteenth time a few weeks ago, I decided to finally bite the bullet and try one the “33 Beers” journals. I know there are apps out there that can do the same thing, but sometimes I like to keep it analog.

It’s small (it can fit in your back pocket or your girlfriend’s purse), the flavor wheel makes it easy to use and reference, and if you complete 3 journals, that’s 99 bottles of beer (which is cause for a song).
I’m hooked on Sixpoint Resin at the moment, so I haven’t had a chance to use the journal just yet; but I’m pretty psyched to try it out. You can pick one up at the online store, or at one of these retailers. And if wine is more your thing, they have a book for that too.

Took off work today so I could head into Philadelphia to celebrate Philly Beer Week, so I figured it was only fitting to write about a t shirt sold by a brewery. I haven’t tried 21st Amendment Brewery‘s Hop Crisis yet, but their Brew Free or Die is among my favorite canned beers. This t shirt is pretty intense for brewery swag. Rather than just slapping the Hop Crisis wordmark in the center of the chest, they went with an oversize print of the can art that really looks good. The colors work really well together, and the addition of a back print is also impressive. Cheers!