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With the accessibility of original, affordable art that the internet provides, there is no excuse for the bare walls in your apartment or home. My affection for the macabre draws me to Straw Castle Design‘s latest offering. “Pushing Up Daisies” is yet another stunning, hand carved block print. Every step in the creation of this print – the carving of the block, the printing, and the hand cutting – was performed solely by the artist, Derrick Castle. You can view progression of the project on Derrick’s YouTube channel.

This current Licorice Black edition is limited to only 30 pieces. At the time of my purchase last night, half had already been sold. Mine will be up year round, but it would also be a great addition to your Halloween decor. You can purchase this original art from Straw Castle Design’s Etsy shop.

Halfcut Clothing‘s “Fortune Teller” t shirt will have passersbys doing a double take with its trippy, multi-layer design. The mystical scene in the foreground is captivating on its own, but the skull in the background takes it to the next level. The text, curtains, and table and chairs also do a stellar job of framing the design. You can acquire this t shirt and other first-rate designs in Halfcut Clothing’s web store.

A ton of shirts that feature both a front and back print usually have an incredible design on the back, and just an element or smaller version of that back design repeated over the pocket area on the front. VNM kills it with their “Come Reap” long sleeve t shirt, executing a double tap with their “Hated” mark over the pocket area, and the “Like Hell” design in full glory on the back. Well worth the $30, you can get it for even less if you take advantage of their Labor Day sale going on now until Monday, 09/03/12.