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My favorite novel, “Fahrenheit 451,” receives a proper tribute from Miles To Go. The “Fahrenheit 451″ design (a.k.a. “The Cost of Ideas”) is also the brand’s previous logo, and has been printed in various colorways throughout it’s existence. The cranberry, blue and black colors of this latest version do a superb job of complimenting one another. The blue was actually achieved through the removal of the red from the cranberry blank t shirt. You can purchase it as a t shirt or tank top through the Miles To Go online store.

After asking my very patient girlfriend “Have we tried this beer before?” for the upteenth time a few weeks ago, I decided to finally bite the bullet and try one the “33 Beers” journals. I know there are apps out there that can do the same thing, but sometimes I like to keep it analog.

It’s small (it can fit in your back pocket or your girlfriend’s purse), the flavor wheel makes it easy to use and reference, and if you complete 3 journals, that’s 99 bottles of beer (which is cause for a song).
I’m hooked on Sixpoint Resin at the moment, so I haven’t had a chance to use the journal just yet; but I’m pretty psyched to try it out. You can pick one up at the online store, or at one of these retailers. And if wine is more your thing, they have a book for that too.

This is the first pre-order I’ve seen from Miles To Go since I started following them about a year ago. This design originally wasn’t due out until the later this year, but due to the overwhelming response it received on Facebook, Greg is offering it now for a limited time. After that, it won’t be returning until the Fall 2012 drop. One cool perk about this being a pre-order is that it is available in 3 XL – their t shirts are usually only available up to 2 XL. You can purchase the pre-order until July 1st in the Miles To Go online store.

UPDATE: This is now available as both a unisex t shirt and girls raglan.