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Inkefx is now offering 2 of their best selling t shirt designs as art prints. Their “Arrow” print is based off my favorite t shirt from the Inkefx catalog. The paper choices are top notch (the Black Licorice cover stock used for the “Burst” print looks amazing), each one is printed by hand, and they’re only $12 each. As an added bonus, if you like their Facebook page right now, you’ll automatically gain access to a 10% discount code.

Craig Robson is putting a serious hurting on my wallet with his recent wave of limited releases. These pieces sell out so fast; the newest version of his “Secrets” t shirt may be gone by the time you read this post. The truffle colorway marks the third release of this design. The black aqua version of this t shirt is still my favorite (unfortunately I missed out on picking it up), but I don’t think that would hinder me from purchasing this newest one. Get yours before it’s gone from the Daggers For Teeth store.

“Moby Dick” pays homage to an American Classic. Although you can find this design at select retailers, this colorway is an online exclusive. The tri-blend shirt is super soft, complimented by the discharge and water based ink print. Browns really aren’t my cup of tea, so I went with the black aqua version.