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I run all my weekend errands and do work around the house on Sundays, so Saturdays are the only weekend day I have to sleep in and bum around. As a result, Saturday posts usually aren’t up until later in the afternoon or evening. So I figure from this point forward, I’ll make Saturday posts short and sweet, and get them up fairly early. “Dress Code” will simply be a post about the items I’m wearing that day. There won’t be much of a description, but clicking the items will take you to the store where they are available. Hope you guys enjoy these posts.

Clink Room “Roadkill x Rejects League” New Era Baseball Cap

Grave Takers “Undertaker”

Vans Prison Issue #23 in Skull Turtle Camo – Mine are full of holes but I can’t find them anywhere; I think I found a more than suitable replacement.

The “Boogiemen x Night League” cap is the newest addition to the Clink Room‘s Night League, designed by Clink community designer, T.J. Monteiro. T.J. is also the man behind the sold out “Shams x Reject League.” This new design is creeptacular, and the lighter colorway and dark subject creates a contradiction that adds depth to the design. I kind of want it just because my first initial is “B.” You can only find it in the Clink Room shop, but be warned, common sizes always sell out fast.

Their experience creating and re-imagining the logos of numerous Major and Minor League Baseball teams has really given the team behind the Clink Room a solid understanding of the New Era embroidery process. Well executed embroidery can really make a logo pop, and the “Nocturnals x Night League” hat is no exception. The black, dark forest and lime green threads come together to make another incredible hat.

Clink Room holds design competitions based around a central theme, whether it be skate shops, taco shops, or things that go bump in the night; and ask their readers to submit concepts. These are voted on by the Clink Room community, and the chosen ones are made into awesome caps.

If you visit the store, check out the other offering from the Night League competition, “Trick-or-Treats”. It’s my favorite so far.