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When I was a kid, I had a cartoon/comic book crush on Scarlett from G.I. Joe. Could you blame me? She’s a bad ass redhead who wears a latex (or spandex?) outfit, has a somewhat southern drawl, and is an expert at handling guns. 
The theme of my good friends’ annual Halloween party this year was “Heroes and Villains,” and I begged my girlfriend to dress as Scarlett. I made an awesome Cobra Commander costume, so her dressing as the Baroness made more sense. I figure I still made out pretty good. 
You can show your love for this real American heroine in this t shirt from Mighty Fine.
If the party in-fighting, slanderous commercials, and false promises start to get on your nerves, pick this up for a laugh. Let everyone know where your loyalties really lie. Cobra la-la-la-la-la!