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Originally offered as a limited edition poster, We Live Here Too‘s “Skull Mandala” is now available on a super soft t shirt. I completely missed the We Live Here Too logo hidden in this design the first time I saw it. Add the fact that Craig Robson’s skulls are flawless, and the result is an undeniably captivating addition to your wardrobe. Visit to purchase this t shirt, and follow them on Twitter or Facebook so that you’re the first to know when their next gemdrops.

Halfcut Clothing‘s “Fortune Teller” t shirt will have passersbys doing a double take with its trippy, multi-layer design. The mystical scene in the foreground is captivating on its own, but the skull in the background takes it to the next level. The text, curtains, and table and chairs also do a stellar job of framing the design. You can acquire this t shirt and other first-rate designs in Halfcut Clothing’s web store.

Craig Robson continues to amaze with the products he’s releasing under the brand name Daggers For Teeth. “Wolfbane” is a short-run, 11″ x 13″ screen printed back patch featuring a menacing wolf with a skull locked firmly in its jaws. It debuted this past Saturday, 08/17, and at the time of this post more than half are gone. You can only purchase it through the Daggers For Teeth online store; it comes to about $13 after the currency conversion. I just hope it doesn’t sell out before I get my paycheck on Thursday.