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There are a few things that I’m into other than awesome t shirts – art, graphic design, Halloween, snowboarding, Mets baseball, Eagles football-to name a few. One of my favorite things to do is to sample and enjoy great beers. With Philly Beer Week coming up the first week of June, I apologize in advance for the overabundance of beer related posts.

Brewed Life is a beer loving brand out of Florida. This crossbones x hops mash-up is available on a girls t shirt and tank top, guys short and long sleeve t shirt, and pullover hoodie. This design packs the biggest punch on red; I hope they re-release the guys t shirt on red or burgundy in the future.

The unseasonably warm weather has me itching to tune up my bicycle. This shirt from Dark Cycle has the same effect. Gear up with a teal, yellow or black t shirt or a black hoodie.