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Okay, I promise this is the last superhero/supervillan t shirt post for a few days. Ript Apparel “Loki Charms” is only available today, Saturday, 07/21. The Avengers inspired design is available in both mens and womens cuts for only $10; boys, girls and toddlers for $15. I wish I had picked up the Thorrio’s t shirt (featured on the right hand side of Ript Apparel‘s page), so that I could have a pair.

The artwork is by Acid-Free Republic, a collaboration between Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez. If you like Bamboota‘s work, you can find other designs over at her Redbubble shop.

I’m really digging everything about TeeFury‘s “Bat Country” – the style, concept and colors. Awesome job by Harebrained! As with all TeeFury shirts, it’s available for one day only for $10 (and if you’re lucky, one additional day, “After Hours,” for $13).

07/25 Update – You can still pick this up in Harebrained’s RedBubble shop. Since the prints at RedBubble are on demand, Direct-to-garment prints, you also can add it to a hoodie or 3/4 sleeve baseball t shirt.