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I run all my weekend errands and do work around the house on Sundays, so Saturdays are the only weekend day I have to sleep in and bum around. As a result, Saturday posts usually aren’t up until later in the afternoon or evening. So I figure from this point forward, I’ll make Saturday posts short and sweet, and get them up fairly early. “Dress Code” will simply be a post about the items I’m wearing that day. There won’t be much of a description, but clicking the items will take you to the store where they are available. Hope you guys enjoy these posts.

Clink Room “Roadkill x Rejects League” New Era Baseball Cap

Grave Takers “Undertaker”

Vans Prison Issue #23 in Skull Turtle Camo – Mine are full of holes but I can’t find them anywhere; I think I found a more than suitable replacement.

I was looking for a spring jacket to put a few patches on, but I couldn’t really find anything in a style I liked that was also lightweight. So after scouring the internet, I decided to go with a vest instead. I wanted something that had the style and cut of a denim jacket, but a color that didn’t look like it was part of a Canadian tuxedo. I really like the solid black color of this vest from Urban Outfitters, and the cut that makes it fitted rather than “boxy.”

As always, Urban Outfitters can be pretty pricey. I suggest keeping your eyes out for sales and search online for coupon codes. It’s also only available online. Now you’ll have to excuse me – I have to go dig out my needle and thread.

Gravetakers is the darker side of Electric Zombie; no bright colors, no parodies, and a limited color palette of black, white, and red. There are a bunch of great cut and sew items, and the denim jacket is definitely eye catching. It’s available in two colorways – black vest with gray sleeves and hood, or blue vest with black sleeves and hood. The subtle branding really adds to the appeal of this jacket. Details include a metal coffin logo pin over the pocket, a Gravetakers tag on the cuff, engraved buttons. The coolest feature is that the back panel is in the shape of a coffin. Regularly priced at $75, it’s on sale right now for $30 to celebrate Electric Zombie/Gravetakers’ 30K Facebook likes.