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Grab bags are a great way to get well designed t shirts at a heavily discounted price, but I’m really not one for surprises. I always end up getting a shirt I already own, or the one design that I REALLY don’t like. Fortunately, Design By Humans has come up with an alternative – the Tee Grinder. Just select your size and gender, and then click the “Grind!” button. The wheels will spin, and the Tee Grinder will spit out a three shirt combo. They could be all black, one could be out of print, another could be on sale; only the Tee Grinder knows for sure. The awesome part is that you don’t commit to buying the bundle until after the t shirts have been randomly selected, allowing you to keep on spinning until you find a group you like. I took some spins and here are the bundles I ended up with:

I actually tried it about ten times, and these were the five I liked best. You can see that some t shirts came up more than once. All five had at least two shirts I would wear regularly. Each bundle is only $25, so at a little more than $8 a shirt, I could wear the one I don’t like to the gym, as pajamas, or when I do work around the house. I challenge you to give Design By Human‘s Tee Grinder a try and not find at least one bundle that you’d be willing to pay $25 for.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. There are quite a few sales that I could have featured today, but this one from Declaration Clothing seemed the most fitting. There’s some great history behind every one of their designs. The motif on “Independence” was originally found on the uniform buttons of Continental Army officers. I personally own “The Rebellious Stripes” t shirt.

If you order yours today, be sure to enter the code “MD25” for 25% off.

I was bummed that I missed out on this Death Shred t shirt in size Large. I definitely can’t fit into an Extra Small, an Extra Large is a little too big for me, and I’m not about to rock a girls tank top. So you can figure how psyched I was when I was perusing their European store and realized it had been restocked in my size. T shirts can become pretty pricey when you’re talking about currency conversion, but luckily 20 euros works out to about the original U.S. dollar price of $26. You can get yours here, and be sure to use the discount code “DEATH” for 10% off your order.