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Dance Party Massacre‘s “Blood, Sweat & Beers” design looks great on a koozie; it looks INSANE on this t shirt. Everything about this design and it’s reincarnation as a t shirt is on point – the twist on a well known phrase, the look of a classic beer label, the All-American colors, and the flawless incorporation of the DPM logo. For a few dollars more, you can get a great deal on the shirt and the 3 koozie combo pack. Reward your hard work over at DPM’s online store.

Alex Dakoulas, the founder of Dance Party Massacre, recently left his day job to focus on strengthening his already solid brand. You can read more about Alex and the evolution of Dance Party Massacre over on the DPM news page
Alex’s first order of business? Build DPM’s online army. Understanding the importance of an online presence- his goal is to reach 1,000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook, and he’s not shy to show his appreciation. The first landmark earns a 50% off sale in the DPM online store; the second will earn a huge 75% off! The first goal was reached just the other day on Twitter (I used the discount to pick up this gnarly Boneface t shirt), the second is just within reach on Facebook.
If you believe in DPM’s motto “Live While You Can,” show your support for Alex’s endeavor by following DPM on Twitter and liking the DPM Facebook page.

Part of Dance Party Massacre’s “Kings of Schlock” series, I’m not totally convinced that Aladdin Sane’s lightning bolt on Michael Myer’s mug makes his stare any less terrifying. But it does look pretty cool.

Kings of Schlock is defined on DPM’s website. “Schlock = Cheap, inferior or trashy; B-grade. Pop meets schlock in this mash-up series of Kings of Pop music and slasher killers.” Got it? Good. Now go get yourself one of their rad t shirts.