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HBO‘s “True Blood” began it’s 5th season last night. They have a lot of great original programing, but “True Blood” is the only one of their shows that I really go out of my way to watch every week anymore. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m just flipping through the channels and one of the other series is on, I usually stop and watch.

As much as I like the show, its vampires (and all the other recent incarnations) can’t hold a candle to the blood suckers in “The Lost Boys.” I was only 10 when it came out, and when I finally saw it, it scared the crap out of me! I didn’t want to eat Chinese food for weeks.

I think this t shirt from Electric Zombie might have had the same effect back then.

Gravetakers is the darker side of Electric Zombie; no bright colors, no parodies, and a limited color palette of black, white, and red. There are a bunch of great cut and sew items, and the denim jacket is definitely eye catching. It’s available in two colorways – black vest with gray sleeves and hood, or blue vest with black sleeves and hood. The subtle branding really adds to the appeal of this jacket. Details include a metal coffin logo pin over the pocket, a Gravetakers tag on the cuff, engraved buttons. The coolest feature is that the back panel is in the shape of a coffin. Regularly priced at $75, it’s on sale right now for $30 to celebrate Electric Zombie/Gravetakers’ 30K Facebook likes.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you might have realized that I’m really into Electric Zombie. Kyle Crawford dropped his brand’s 13th line yesterday on Friday the 13th, and it’s as awesome as his previous releases. There are some new and different custom pieces – pajamas, socks, and a varsity jacket. He also is celebrating the thirteenth drop by marking past t shirts down to $13 (my favorite, Takeout, is included in this sale)

I picked up quite a few pieces, and might pick up a few more down the line. I decided I’d just feature all my favorites in this post – no comments, just pics and links. I hope you enjoy, and maybe you’ll see something you like.