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Flower Children‘s t shirts aren’t exactly my style; but there is no denying that their bohemian illustrations, luscious ink/t shirt blank color combinations, and overall branding is anything short of beautiful. “The Psychologist” conjures a scene of M.C. Escher tripping on LSD, doodling the initial sketch of “Relativity.” Most designs are available in both guys and girls cuts, and there’s even a Flower Children skate deck. If you head over to the Flower Children online shop now, you can take advantage of incredible sale prices (ranging from $5 – $12) and free shipping.

Take a moment to check out the Richie Jackson x Flower Children shop as well – I need to order “Cryptoglyph” before it’s too late.

The guys over at Tribe do all of their own designing, and they do an incredible job at it. All their own designs, that is, up until now. They wanted the chance to work with some of the other great artists out there, so they’ve created the LEGACY Collection. They started with three artists – Craig Robson, Nick Slater, and Steve Squall. I think my favorite of the three is “War Eagle” by Craig Robson. Pick one up from their online store, and it will automatically include free shipping inside the U.S.