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Once again, T-Shirt Bordello does what I feel they do better than anyone else. They continue to deliver eye-catching designs portraying fictional beer/liquor labels inspired by cinema and other popular themes – without coming off hokey or cheesy. I’m sorta glad they all don’t really exist as beverages, as I would probably purchase them all simply as packaging porn, regardless of how they tasted. They did a great job incorporating the characters and symbols from the movie “The Fifth Element” into their “5 Elements Amber Ale” t shirt. As always, their caricatures never leave you guessing which characters they intend to portray. This shirt is available for both guys and girls exclusively at

If you’ve spent any time in an arcade or in front of a television playing video games, you’ve seen some incarnation of the health meter. Critical Hit! Collectibles has taken the life bar version and turned it into a necklace that actually glows. They offer their “Glowing Life Bar” necklace in a full version (pictured above); as well as “Mostly Dead” and “Mostly Alive” versions, which are partially depleted. You can also request different chain lengths that determine where it falls on your neck.

All this customization will only set you back $16, and can be purchased from Critical Hit! Collectibles Etsy shop.

When buying shirts for myself, I usually prefer all over prints on the front and back of the t shirt. I do think front only all over prints look really attractive on women, though. Design By Humans supports my claim with their reprint of “Blackbird’s Attackin’ in the Dead ‘O’ Night.” The design is also a perfect example of how the clever use of negative space can create an awesome 1 color design.

It is available in both guys and girls cuts, but I personally would end up purchasing it for my girlfriend rather than myself. Just remember that this printing process does create a few “imperfections” around the collar and sleeves, making each shirt unique. If you order now, you can take advantage of Design By Humans “Back to School Sale,” which will get you free domestic shipping on U.S. orders (follow this link for the code).