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I know it’s stupid, but there’s something about animals doing “human things” that always brings a smile to my face. The talking animals in Dr. Doolittle crack me up for hours. Animals with tattoos would be awesome, but something tells me there would be a ton of poor bull dogs with horrible tramp stamps being walked around Los Angeles. Besides the great artwork, the neckline on girls cut of Alternate Decision Clothing‘s “Giraffe.” compliments the Catsneeze design nicely. You can find this and other items from their Late Summer 2012 release in the Alternate Decision shop.

The Last Starfighter has been in rotation on Encore late at night, and I get sucked into watching it every time. This t shirt has a nice retro, video game feel to it; without the standard box art or pixelated graphics. Get nostalgic and purchase one from 8 Bit Zombie. Grab Alex’s android impostor as your wingman, and go cruising for babes in Centauri’s “space minivan.”

I’ve seen a few Mr. Men shirts lately, but they’re a little too “cute” for my tastes. I think these Top Gun t shirts from Headline Shirts are a much cooler alternative.

Mr. Dangerous, or Mr. Confident?

Mr. Loyal? The ultimate wingman.
Mr. Cocky? Mr. Cool? You decide.

They’re available in both guys and girls cuts. Pick one up and put it on, just so you can take it off for shirtless volleyball. I’ll wait until they have a Viper t shirt.