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I’m bummed that the Brooklyn Museum’s Keith Haring exhibition came to a close before I had a chance to see it a second time; the July 8th end date kinda crept up on me. The Haring love keeps coming though as Obey presents their collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. There are a lot of cool pieces that utilize iconic Haring images, but I think my favorite is actually this t shirt that features Shepard Fairey‘s portrait of Haring based on a Patrick McMullan photo. You can check out more information about the release on Obey’s blog, and peep a video of the creation of the portrait here.

The collection is pretty extensive as it includes t shirts, tank tops, raglans, sweatshirts, various womens cuts, outerwear, hats and jewelry; and is available at Urban Outfitters and directly from Obey.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Freaks of all Ages!” La Muerta re-releases a classic, it’s signature design, “Ringmaster.” Limited to only 75 pieces, this may be its last show. For this encore appearance, it’s available in both white and heather gray. Pre-orders will also get you a discounted price. Enjoy the show!

Distant Light Supply Co. released their inaugural collection about a week ago, and if it’s any indication of future drops, you can expect them to be around for awhile. The clean presentation, the unity of the designs, and the extra details such as printing inside of the collar and the logo tag at the hip convey a professionalism that other brands don’t reach until their sophomore (or even later) releases. Take about a minute to watch their promo video, and you’ll see how much care and planning went into everything.

Every piece looks awesome, I would add all of them to my wardrobe. If I had to choose my favorite item, though, I’d say it’s the “Lights” hoodie. The design is tight, and the monochromatic color combination is refreshing. You can find it, along with some great t shirts, in their online store.