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I was at Target last weekend and had a hankering for some new music. I ended up buying the most recent “Punk Goes Pop” CD for $6 – I figured it was good for a laugh. A Skylit Drive actually does a pretty good cover of “Love The Way You Lie.” It reminded me of this shirt from Goodie Too Sleeves. I think it’s a pretty funny, well executed mash up. It’s available as both a girls crewneck t shirt, and what Goodie Too Sleeves refers to as a girls hockey t (v neck t shirt with jersey stripes on the sleeves).

I’m bummed that the Brooklyn Museum’s Keith Haring exhibition came to a close before I had a chance to see it a second time; the July 8th end date kinda crept up on me. The Haring love keeps coming though as Obey presents their collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. There are a lot of cool pieces that utilize iconic Haring images, but I think my favorite is actually this t shirt that features Shepard Fairey‘s portrait of Haring based on a Patrick McMullan photo. You can check out more information about the release on Obey’s blog, and peep a video of the creation of the portrait here.

The collection is pretty extensive as it includes t shirts, tank tops, raglans, sweatshirts, various womens cuts, outerwear, hats and jewelry; and is available at Urban Outfitters and directly from Obey.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Freaks of all Ages!” La Muerta re-releases a classic, it’s signature design, “Ringmaster.” Limited to only 75 pieces, this may be its last show. For this encore appearance, it’s available in both white and heather gray. Pre-orders will also get you a discounted price. Enjoy the show!