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Distant Light Supply Co. released their inaugural collection about a week ago, and if it’s any indication of future drops, you can expect them to be around for awhile. The clean presentation, the unity of the designs, and the extra details such as printing inside of the collar and the logo tag at the hip convey a professionalism that other brands don’t reach until their sophomore (or even later) releases. Take about a minute to watch their promo video, and you’ll see how much care and planning went into everything.

Every piece looks awesome, I would add all of them to my wardrobe. If I had to choose my favorite item, though, I’d say it’s the “Lights” hoodie. The design is tight, and the monochromatic color combination is refreshing. You can find it, along with some great t shirts, in their online store.

Threadless always has great product shots, and this one for “Zombie Survivalist” is no exception. It’s available in guys and girls cuts, and also as a hoodie. The artwork is by Dan Hipp, who has done work for Cartoon Network, Real Simple, Wired, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Random House. You can view more of his amazing illustrations on his blog, Mr Hipp.

Hotlife offers up this modern take on Ben Franklin’s classic “Join or Die” woodcut. The sole artist for Hotlife, Mike Cortada, is also the official designer for the band A Day to Remember.

If you like the t shirt, act fast, as the design already sold out once. It’s also available as a pretty unique hoodie – it’s black printed with clear ink.