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T shirts featuring fictional beer label artwork usually conjure up images of silver foxes on vacation in their Tommy Bahama swag. T-Shirt Bordello offers more than one, though, that I’d like to add to my wardrobe. Full of sci-fi and horror references, most are only $14.99. The “Coffin Nail Pale Ale” shirt pictured above combines two of my favorite things-beer and zombies, and is a great deal at only $10.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you might have realized that I’m really into Electric Zombie. Kyle Crawford dropped his brand’s 13th line yesterday on Friday the 13th, and it’s as awesome as his previous releases. There are some new and different custom pieces – pajamas, socks, and a varsity jacket. He also is celebrating the thirteenth drop by marking past t shirts down to $13 (my favorite, Takeout, is included in this sale)

I picked up quite a few pieces, and might pick up a few more down the line. I decided I’d just feature all my favorites in this post – no comments, just pics and links. I hope you enjoy, and maybe you’ll see something you like.