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I wish Johnny Crap‘s “Pac Van” existed in real life as opposed to just on paper. Imagine how rad it would have been to drive around in this shaggin wagon as a teenager in the ’80s. The only van that might have gotten you more action is the baddest van on the planet.

You can purchase this signed and numbered print, along with a few others, over at the Johnny Crap web store.

The “Scripted” design featuring custom typography by JohnnyCrap was originally released by La Muerta on a hoodie, which naturally sold out due to how rad it looks. Making an encore performance as “Re:Scripted” on a Flexfit hat (glad it wasn’t a snapback), the design looks like it was made specifically to grace the two front panels on the crown of this cap. The proportions are perfect, and I always think word marks look great on headwear.

The hat is limited to just 25 pieces, and is one of two pre-orders currently available in the La Muerta shop. The “Q.E.P.D.” t shirt designed by xADx is also new, and will ship out in August as well.