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I think the abundance of “Back to School” sales that begin in June and July are totally unfair to both kids and teachers. Who wants to be reminded of school in the middle of summer? That being said, if you’re already going through the supply list for yourself or your kids anyway, head over to Skulltastic. Man, I wish this stuff was around when I was in school. They have almost everything you might need – notebooks (you can even get them custom bound for lefties), pencils, rulers, and even glue (the Elm Street Glue is one of my favorite items). They even offer shirts and hats featuring their “scholarly” designs.

You can purchase the items exclusively from Skulltastic’s online store, but try not to think about studying just yet.

Stayed home from work yesterday because I have a cold (cold during the summer, whatever). Anyway, I couldn’t stop coughing, so therefore I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to screw around with Pinterest, and pin all the crap in my closet. I don’t write about everything I own on the blog for a few reasons, one of them being that not all of the shirts are still available.

I also plan on “pinning” items that I might not write about that often here, kid’s gear and house stuff. If you’re into Pinterest, you can find me here. As always, thanks for checking it out!

Okay, I promise this is the last superhero/supervillan t shirt post for a few days. Ript Apparel “Loki Charms” is only available today, Saturday, 07/21. The Avengers inspired design is available in both mens and womens cuts for only $10; boys, girls and toddlers for $15. I wish I had picked up the Thorrio’s t shirt (featured on the right hand side of Ript Apparel‘s page), so that I could have a pair.

The artwork is by Acid-Free Republic, a collaboration between Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez. If you like Bamboota‘s work, you can find other designs over at her Redbubble shop.