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My lunch bag/cooler is falling apart, so I figure it’s time for a replacement. ThinkGeek comes to the rescue with this creeptacular insulated soft lunch box made to emulate the coolers used for actual organ transport. They claim it’ll keep your coworkers out of your lunch; I just think it looks really cool. I want to pair it with these sandwich bags to really gross out my coworkers.
Pick it up from ThinkGeek for only $19.99. And if you’re a fan of “Real Genius” like I am, eyeball the limited edition “Pacific Tech” logo t shirt available only until tomorrow, 08/26.

Reigning Tee Madness Champion 8-Bit Zombie blew a lot of people’s minds yesterday with their extraordinary Summer 2012 release. The coolest item was definitely the “8-bit Zombie Kids Club” package which included a custom lunch box, patch and t shirt. The t shirt was available in two colors, heather neon orange and heather kelly green. I refer to this item in the past tense only because it was super limited and sold out in just a few hours. I was pretty swamped at work, and unfortunately missed out on this purchase. 8-bit Zombie hinted on Facebook that the shirts and patches will make a comeback, though.

But have no fear, there are a bunch of other super rad items that celebrate everything great about the ’80s. Here are a few of my favorites, all available right now over at the 8-bit Zombie shop.