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I live a stone’s throw from the Delaware River, and down the street from a yacht club; but unfortunately I probably won’t get on a boat this summer. If your lucky enough to spend some time on the water, these floating keychains will at least give you a chance to retrieve your keys after your drunk ass falls overboard.

Mishka‘s got their eye on your keys with their “Keep Watch” floaty keychain.

T-Shirt Bordello‘s “Amity Island” floating keychain might have you thinking you’ll never go in the water again.

Safe boating my friends, I’ll be at work straight flipping copies.

Mishka just dropped their Summer 2012 wares, and they’re all pretty awesome. One of my favorite new items is this Keith Haring-esque pattern short sleeve poplin button-down. It’s available in teal and white, and looks like the perfect attire for a summer bbq.

I’m always drawn to skulls wearing Native American head dresses; i’m glad this one doesn’t include any gold or topaz. Congrats to VNM whose shirts are now available at Mishka, but you can only get this one directly from VNM. It’s a steal at $15.