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The “Boogiemen x Night League” cap is the newest addition to the Clink Room‘s Night League, designed by Clink community designer, T.J. Monteiro. T.J. is also the man behind the sold out “Shams x Reject League.” This new design is creeptacular, and the lighter colorway and dark subject creates a contradiction that adds depth to the design. I kind of want it just because my first initial is “B.” You can only find it in the Clink Room shop, but be warned, common sizes always sell out fast.

When brands step outside the box and offer items other than apparel, the consumer usually makes out because the items often cost less than a t shirt. The “Orcus Brew” art can also be found on a t shirt and hoodie in their store, but this pint glass is only $7.99.

I missed Orcus Brand when they first launched, but I’m glad that I caught them this time around. If I had to choose a soundtrack to accompany this launch, it would be all hardcore and metal. Even with the monochromatic color palette, the designs really stand out.

There are also a few shirts for $5 that are probably from their previous launch. I’m thinking of picking up the “Militis shirt in addition to one of the new ones.