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I decided last night that I’m going to try my best to check out New York Comic Con with my pops this year. So instantly I start to think about what comic-inspired shirt I’m going to wear that day. Sure, I have a few, but why not get a new one to mark the occasion (man, sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with me)? One of my favorite members of the X-Men has always been Kurt Wagner, a.k.a. Nightcrawler, so I’m torn between these two amazing t shirts from Mighty Fine. Up top is “Nightcrawler B.A.M.F,” which sports an acronym that certainly defines its featured hero. “Minimal Nightcrawler” below is just as the title states; it’s a simple high impact design that really packs a punch.

New York Comic Con takes place this year from 10/11 – 10/14, so I should be able to make a choice by then. Find your favorite Marvel heroes and villains over at

Kyle over at Electric Zombie has decided to re-release some of the brand’s classic designs in a drop entitled “Recharged.” The 9 designs in total go all the way back to 2009, and each t shirt is available in a different colorway from the original version. Here are just a few of the t shirts available that should get you as psyched as I am.

As an added bonus, Electric Zombie is running a “Back To School” Sale until the end of August (08/31 to be exact). Everything on the site is discounted EXCEPT the new “Recharged” t shirts, and the “Graveyard Grab Bag.” Get some!

It always seems like the daily t shirt sites save the best designs for the end of the week. I guess they figure it’s closest to payday for most people. Ript Apparel‘s “Trust the Inspector” by WinterArtwork is perfect for the Community fans who are also into Dr. Who, and vice versa. Available today (08/23) for $10 only (until about 1 a.m. EST tomorrow morning), and don’t forget you can also get it on a hoodie for yourself, or a onesie or kids t shirt for the little ones.

UPDATE: As of 08/24, you can find this at WinterArtwork’s RedBubble store.