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Once again, T-Shirt Bordello does what I feel they do better than anyone else. They continue to deliver eye-catching designs portraying fictional beer/liquor labels inspired by cinema and other popular themes – without coming off hokey or cheesy. I’m sorta glad they all don’t really exist as beverages, as I would probably purchase them all simply as packaging porn, regardless of how they tasted. They did a great job incorporating the characters and symbols from the movie “The Fifth Element” into their “5 Elements Amber Ale” t shirt. As always, their caricatures never leave you guessing which characters they intend to portray. This shirt is available for both guys and girls exclusively at

The classic “Keep Calm” graphic has gone through many reincarnations since it re-emerged around 2000, copyright expired. The original is beautiful, and there are very few parodies that do the design any justice. My love of zombie fiction draws me towards this design, available at Split Reason.