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I’ve been anxiously awaiting United Pixelworkers‘ return, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. They’ve made updates that include extensive sorting options by gender, size, collections, etc; and the ability to request reprints (I’m putting in one for the “Milwaukee” t shirt right now).

Special addition pre-orders were previously available for 1 month, but they are now only up for 1 week. The upside of this change is quicker delivery. Stand out from the crowd with the “UNTD PXLWRKRS” t shirt in its new colorway. It showcases their custom typeface in red-orange and blue ink that really pops on the asphalt blank. If you’d like a more subdued version, request a reprint on the previous Heather Lieutenant version.

If you like what you see, I highly recommend following United Pixelworkers on Twitter @pixelworkers to avoid missing out on their limited edition pre-orders.

Oh man, the deadline for the pre-order for BeastWreck‘s “Barrel-Chucker” really snuck up on me! I know it is only available for a week, but the time has gone by quick. Representing with the real “Kong,” this t shirt makes me want to go spend Saturday afternoon at the arcade, and I don’t mean playing candy assFruit Ninja” on the big screen or “DanceDance Revolution.” Just kidding about the candy ass part (well kinda).

The shirt’s description says that they BeastWreck is sending the order to their printer today, 7/27. It doesn’t list a time for the end of the pre-sale, so you may still have time to rush over there and get your order in. You can purchase the shirt in either a guys crewneck t shirt (all the way up to 4XL), and girls v neck t shirt. Just remember, it won’t ship for about 3 weeks. So if you also order any of the other rad items they have in-stock, you won’t receive them until the “Barrel-Chucker” shirt is ready. Well, what are you waiting for?!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Freaks of all Ages!” La Muerta re-releases a classic, it’s signature design, “Ringmaster.” Limited to only 75 pieces, this may be its last show. For this encore appearance, it’s available in both white and heather gray. Pre-orders will also get you a discounted price. Enjoy the show!