Harvey Comics crosses over to the dark side with the Mishka x Harvey Comics “Capsule Collection.” The designs combine the iconic characters of Richie Rich and Casper, and add Mishka elements drawn in the Harvey style which make for a collection that is truly unique. You can read more about the collab on the Mishka Bloglin. New items will be released now through the end of 2012, but I don’t know if any items will top the “Jack-In-The-Box” t shirt. The blood shot “Keep Watch” Eyeball, Simon, Lobster Roll, Kill With Power, Death Adder and the Mishka motto “Engineered to Destroy” are all worked seamlessly into this design. You can find this t shirt and the other pieces in the Harvey Capsule Collection in Mishka’s online store.

I never realized this when I was a kid, but what’s up with Richie Rich’s cankles?