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Kyle over at Electric Zombie has decided to re-release some of the brand’s classic designs in a drop entitled “Recharged.” The 9 designs in total go all the way back to 2009, and each t shirt is available in a different colorway from the original version. Here are just a few of the t shirts available that should get you as psyched as I am.

As an added bonus, Electric Zombie is running a “Back To School” Sale until the end of August (08/31 to be exact). Everything on the site is discounted EXCEPT the new “Recharged” t shirts, and the “Graveyard Grab Bag.” Get some!

When buying shirts for myself, I usually prefer all over prints on the front and back of the t shirt. I do think front only all over prints look really attractive on women, though. Design By Humans supports my claim with their reprint of “Blackbird’s Attackin’ in the Dead ‘O’ Night.” The design is also a perfect example of how the clever use of negative space can create an awesome 1 color design.

It is available in both guys and girls cuts, but I personally would end up purchasing it for my girlfriend rather than myself. Just remember that this printing process does create a few “imperfections” around the collar and sleeves, making each shirt unique. If you order now, you can take advantage of Design By Humans “Back to School Sale,” which will get you free domestic shipping on U.S. orders (follow this link for the code).

Grab bags are a great way to get well designed t shirts at a heavily discounted price, but I’m really not one for surprises. I always end up getting a shirt I already own, or the one design that I REALLY don’t like. Fortunately, Design By Humans has come up with an alternative – the Tee Grinder. Just select your size and gender, and then click the “Grind!” button. The wheels will spin, and the Tee Grinder will spit out a three shirt combo. They could be all black, one could be out of print, another could be on sale; only the Tee Grinder knows for sure. The awesome part is that you don’t commit to buying the bundle until after the t shirts have been randomly selected, allowing you to keep on spinning until you find a group you like. I took some spins and here are the bundles I ended up with:

I actually tried it about ten times, and these were the five I liked best. You can see that some t shirts came up more than once. All five had at least two shirts I would wear regularly. Each bundle is only $25, so at a little more than $8 a shirt, I could wear the one I don’t like to the gym, as pajamas, or when I do work around the house. I challenge you to give Design By Human‘s Tee Grinder a try and not find at least one bundle that you’d be willing to pay $25 for.