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Creep Street dropped their long awaited Summer 2012 “Frisky Business” line last week, and they didn’t disappoint. I’m a huge fan of “Stacks on Stacks!,” showing some Simpsons love. I can’t decide between  the white or light blue t shirt (I’m only passing on the black because about 1/3 of my closet is filled with black shirts). And if your ordering anyway, you might as well pick up the “Death From Below” frisbee, the dopest frisbee you’ll ever find for $7. Visit Creep Street’s Little Shop of Horrors or (use code NOMAS for 20% off your first KL order) to get frisky.

For a lot of people, the 4th of July means summer is half over. There’s no reason to be bummed, though, there’s still plenty of warm days ahead. Seriously, with the way the weather has been, we’ll probably see 70 degree temps well into November (I really hope not; it would totally screw up snowboarding here on the East coast). Anyway, “Monica Lives Here Too” from We Live Here Too is the perfect attire for the best moments of summer – the days at the beach, the barbecues, the pool parties, and the water gun fights. You best be packing your 50!

This unisex t shirt is available here in the We Live Here Too online store. While you’re there, please take the time to read the story behind the brand, presented by its founder, Dahn. It takes a lot of courage to put a personal story out there the way he does.

In addition to the underwear with their name in the waistband, outfit your camper with this kids t shirt from Poler this summer. They’ll think the design is cool, and the orange will make them easier to spot – just in case they decide to wander off on their own adventure.