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Once again, T-Shirt Bordello does what I feel they do better than anyone else. They continue to deliver eye-catching designs portraying fictional beer/liquor labels inspired by cinema and other popular themes – without coming off hokey or cheesy. I’m sorta glad they all don’t really exist as beverages, as I would probably purchase them all simply as packaging porn, regardless of how they tasted. They did a great job incorporating the characters and symbols from the movie “The Fifth Element” into their “5 Elements Amber Ale” t shirt. As always, their caricatures never leave you guessing which characters they intend to portray. This shirt is available for both guys and girls exclusively at

I live a stone’s throw from the Delaware River, and down the street from a yacht club; but unfortunately I probably won’t get on a boat this summer. If your lucky enough to spend some time on the water, these floating keychains will at least give you a chance to retrieve your keys after your drunk ass falls overboard.

Mishka‘s got their eye on your keys with their “Keep Watch” floaty keychain.

T-Shirt Bordello‘s “Amity Island” floating keychain might have you thinking you’ll never go in the water again.

Safe boating my friends, I’ll be at work straight flipping copies.

T shirts featuring fictional beer label artwork usually conjure up images of silver foxes on vacation in their Tommy Bahama swag. T-Shirt Bordello offers more than one, though, that I’d like to add to my wardrobe. Full of sci-fi and horror references, most are only $14.99. The “Coffin Nail Pale Ale” shirt pictured above combines two of my favorite things-beer and zombies, and is a great deal at only $10.