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I guess the “Lo Pan Express” would be more of a mystical ride compared to the “Pork Chop Express.” TeeFury offers Manly Arts‘ “Lo Pan Express” for $10 today (08/23). I had a few Ed “Big Daddy” Roth t shirts growing up, and this design does his style justice. If you like the design but aren’t really into it on a t shirt, you can purchase a full color art print at the The Manly Shop.
UPDATE: This is now available until 9 a.m. (EST) on 08/24 through TeeFury’s After Hours, for $13.

John Sumrow‘s artwork has had numerous “Super Popular” sales on TeeFury, most recently with his “They Hatin’” Dalek design. My affinity for Tibetan Buddhist art draws me to his Buddha Bot design. The serene color palatte looks beautiful on the burnt orange blank. While you’re over at John’s online store, take a minute to check out his creepy, super limited “Undead Doughnuts” sculptures.

I’m really digging everything about TeeFury‘s “Bat Country” – the style, concept and colors. Awesome job by Harebrained! As with all TeeFury shirts, it’s available for one day only for $10 (and if you’re lucky, one additional day, “After Hours,” for $13).

07/25 Update – You can still pick this up in Harebrained’s RedBubble shop. Since the prints at RedBubble are on demand, Direct-to-garment prints, you also can add it to a hoodie or 3/4 sleeve baseball t shirt.