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I first discovered Adam Sidwell‘s art in 2010 when he was creating “52 Bad Dudes.” The idea was to take weekly requests and create illustrations featuring pop culture’s baddest mofos; some heroes, some villains, and some who tread the line. I have a lot of respect for the way he experimented with style during that project, switching it up as the project progressed. He continues to post work regularly on his blog.

Thug Life” is a set of portraits spotlighting henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady, together #48 on the list of “52 Bad Dudes.” The prints are a steal at $45, hand signed and available at the Skid shop.

Sorry about the back-to-back posts, but I always get excited when more than one daily t shirt site has awesome shirts available simultaneously. Qwertee is a U.K. based site, so “KRRAAAANNGS” by Harebrained! actually wasn’t available until 6 p.m. EST. today, and will be on sale until that time tomorrow (08/18). The design works really well on blue, with the shirt color acting as the shading on the green skin of the Turtles. Harebrained! also worked the halftones to ensure that everyone had their bandana colors from the cartoon (unlike the all red of the original comic book).

Harebrained! is the man behind the “Bat Country” t shirt I featured last month. For extra credit, stop by his shops at Storenvy and RedBubble.

A perfect addition to my office, Split Reason‘s “Turtles” print features all the great TMNT characters. Split Reason offers a bunch of other cool Glen Brogan prints as well. I might have to add this sticker to my purchase.