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Unless you live under a rock, you know the final chapter of the most recent Batman movies opens today. A bunch of great t shirts have come out in anticipation of the movie; some of the best are already either sold out or close to it. Fortunately, here are some awesome shirts that are still available.

Electric Zombie “DisGUSting”

 Design By Humans “Hello Mr. Wayne

Fur Face Boy “Fur Face Crusader

Threadless “Bat and Rob”

 Glennz Tees “Defective

Threadless always has great product shots, and this one for “Zombie Survivalist” is no exception. It’s available in guys and girls cuts, and also as a hoodie. The artwork is by Dan Hipp, who has done work for Cartoon Network, Real Simple, Wired, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Random House. You can view more of his amazing illustrations on his blog, Mr Hipp.

When I saw Ghostbusters in the theater as a kid, the opening scene scared the crap out of me. I missed this shirt the first time around, so I’m glad Threadless reprinted it. It’s available in both guys and girls cuts. Now if only there were some Slimer t shirts.