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When I was a kid, I had a cartoon/comic book crush on Scarlett from G.I. Joe. Could you blame me? She’s a bad ass redhead who wears a latex (or spandex?) outfit, has a somewhat southern drawl, and is an expert at handling guns. 
The theme of my good friends’ annual Halloween party this year was “Heroes and Villains,” and I begged my girlfriend to dress as Scarlett. I made an awesome Cobra Commander costume, so her dressing as the Baroness made more sense. I figure I still made out pretty good. 
You can show your love for this real American heroine in this t shirt from Mighty Fine.

Hands down my favorite shirt right now. I remember having the Food Fighters toys as a kid.

The owner of Electric Zombie always puts out awesome shirts for a decent price, featuring horror and 80’s – 90’s pop culture images. He also owns a brand called Grave Takers, which contains darker imagery presented in a more muted palette – most shirts are black with white printing, with some gray and red items as well. Click the picture above to purchase Take Out. While you’re at it, check out Electric Zombie and Grave Takers, both of which are running a sale for the month of March. [details of the sale can be found here].