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With the overabundance of “Firefly” and “Dr. Who” inspired designs that show up on the daily t shirt sites, it’s cool to see a nod to a classic American television show such as Happy Days that almost anyone can identify with. Another Fine Tee‘s “Fonzarelli Motorcycle Co.” by Catch A Brick renders the surname of the coolest cat from Milwaukee in a logo treatment worthy of gracing a vintage British motorcycle fuselage.

As t shirts featured on Another Fine Tee are available for 72 hours and this design made it’s debut 09/04/12, Thursday (09/06/12) is the last day you’ll be able to pick up this design You better get outta here now before you miss it.

BeastWreck on the Community season finale?! Cool, cool, cool. Props to the one man wrecking crew over at BeastWreck for making it big on the small screen. You can get this great shirt and others at BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff. Get yours before this becomes the darkest timeline and Winger loses an arm. Felt goatees not included.