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Vespertine Machine‘s “Sleep When You’re Dead” makes a statement I can appreciate, seeing that most of these posts are written in the wee hours of the morning. I get the feeling brand owner Jesse Barack doesn’t sleep much either, focusing his time on both this brand and the production company Films Royale. Grab this tank top while the weather is still warm from Vespertine Machine’s online shop, and visit the Polypore site to see Films Royale’s latest project.

I’m a little too hairy to wear a tank top, but this heat wave has got me wishing that I could. For all of you that can, Electric Zombie has a great summer sale going on – $10 tank tops until Monday 06/25/12. I own the t shirt version of this tank – simple, hand drawn type in a simple color combo. Sizing is unisex; be sure to get it before the sale is over.