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I’m usually adamantly against putting anything other than a collar or bandana on a pet (unless it’s an extremely ridiculous costume). I mean, they have fur for a reason. But I can’t deny the canine sized heavy metal gear from Party Animalz is INSANE! The “Original Logo” dog tee pictured above is pretty cool, but my favorite item has to be the “Heavy Metal” dog vest. The attention to detail, especially on the patches, is really nice.

So if you own a dog, get on over to Party Animalz!

I was looking for a spring jacket to put a few patches on, but I couldn’t really find anything in a style I liked that was also lightweight. So after scouring the internet, I decided to go with a vest instead. I wanted something that had the style and cut of a denim jacket, but a color that didn’t look like it was part of a Canadian tuxedo. I really like the solid black color of this vest from Urban Outfitters, and the cut that makes it fitted rather than “boxy.”

As always, Urban Outfitters can be pretty pricey. I suggest keeping your eyes out for sales and search online for coupon codes. It’s also only available online. Now you’ll have to excuse me – I have to go dig out my needle and thread.

There’s been a few times that I’ve picked up a cheap jacket from H&M, Gap, Goodwill, the flea market, or what not that I really like and is well made, but it’s missing that extra detail that fits my style. Patches are a great way to add that finishing touch. Quite a few indie brands have been offering up patches as of late, these are the offerings from VNM. I purchased the “Hate What You Will” patch when it first came out, and the other 3 when they dropped early March.

I’ve seen around the internet that a lot of people are adding them to denim vests. I put the “Hate What You Will” patch on my black pleather Converse bomber jacket along with a few other patches (I used double-sided fabric tape so that I didn’t poke holes in the material). I plan on adding the white “Good Things” patch to my Gap camo union jacket, in addition to a Cobra Dogs patch to show some snowboard love. Still trying to figure out what to do with the orange and black “Letterman” patch and the black “Good Things” patch – thinking I might put them on a nylon coach’s jacket.