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Unlike the Obey logo, I feel like this shirt is more of a tribute to one of the WWF’s greats, Andre the Giant. I really like what Hirsute History has going on with their minimalist portraits. Everyone from 80s wrestlers to artists to commies are featured by Hirsute. I also like the informative “I’d like to know more about this person (wikipedia)” link that accompanies each design.

There are quite a few t shirt styles and t shirt color options for each design. I’m a fan of the standard red on gold American Apparel shirt, but it also depends on the subject of the portrait. Just a hint – if you click the “I would prefer this design without the text” link below the design, you have even more control with the option to change the imprint color and a larger selection of t shirt styles.

If you purchase one, just try not to coordinate your hairstyle with the one portrayed on your shirt.

My girlfriend has a draining commute home from work Monday through Friday, so I try my best to help with cooking so that dinner’s on the table when she walks in the door. My cooking abilities are limited though, so meals tend to be grilled cheese, chicken fingers, cheese steaks, pasta – pretty basic. I tend to be a really messy cook, so I picked up this apron from Santa Cruz. I’m a little late to the party though. I really wanted the Screaming Hand apron, but it’s sold out everywhere I checked on the web. I found the best price (including shipping) for this one at Tactics.

One of my favorite Threadless shirts, I was psyched when they reprinted it. The original was printed on a brighter yellow, I think the maize yellow is a much better color choice. It makes the red lion and flames really pop.

Today is the last day you can get it for $9.99, after that it goes back up to $20. In case you want to accessorize with the wig, I suggest this one.