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For a while I’ve been intent on purchasing a new water bottle so that I could use my water filtration pitcher at home to fill it and in turn buy less bottled water. As soon as I saw the Nalgene 32 Ounce Wide Mouth Glow Bottle at my local camping store, I had to have it. Nalgene dependability + glow in the dark materials = winning. I guess it’s the kid in me that can’t resist anything that promises it glows. I’m using mine just as a conventional water bottle, but it would work great as the container for a water bottle survival kit. I got mine for about $10 at Eastern Mountain Sports.

I probably get more compliments on Death Shred‘s “Skateglow” than any other t shirt I own. The character of Skateglow would be the raddest dude in Eternia, tearing up the streets on his “Skateboard of Doom.” And who doesn’t like a shirt that glows in the dark? It is available in both guys and girls cuts, but unfortunately it’s sold out in guys sizes in Death Shred’s U.S. store. You can still pick it up in their European web store, though.

If you act fast, you can take advantage of their 35% off summer sale that ends today (08/29). The discount code is on their facebook page (just make sure you like it when you’re over there). The sale is good for both stores, so I suggest perusing them both. Items that are sold out in one store tend to be available in the other. You will have to place a separate order for each store, as each storefront has its own cart.