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It’s hard to escape the football frenzy at the bars during fall; with games on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday throughout the season. You’re sure to get a few confused looks and a lot of laughs in BustedTeesFinkle” t shirt. If they don’t get it, just tell them “Finkle is Einhorn,” and walk away.

I’m not a big fan of the gym. I’m not working on my six pack-I’m trying to work off the six pack I drank over the weekend. I’m going because I don’t want to have to box up all my Large t shirts and buy new XL ones. During the winter, I’m also trying to keep my fat ass from slowing down my wide, coffee table-esque snowboard.

I try to watch tv while I’m at the gym, listen to entertaining playlists on my ipod, but none of it works. I still find it as exciting as studying in the library. Here’s a few items that might help make your daily gym routine a little less “routine.”

Ripple Junction “Globo Gym Purple Cobras,” $17.99 from Urban Outfitters

Grim Job “Grim’s Gym” Tank, $31 from I Came From Nothing

Electric Zombie “Ecto Orange” Gym Bag, $25

Homage Socks, $12

32 “Zamboni” Hockey Jersey, $34.98 from Darkside Snowboards

I get annoyed with sports apparel companies that create a generic design, and then just change the team name, logo, and colors so they can sell them to the fans of every team in the league. I like the sports teams I like because something makes them different from their competitors, so why wouldn’t I want my fan gear to be as unique as they are? That’s why it is great to support the independent brands that also happen to be creating designs that blow the big name companies out of the water. Most of these smaller companies don’t feature the teams’ names because of licensing fees, but if you’re a fan, you get the references.

I know not everyone is rooting for Jersey’s team in the Stanley Cup Finals, but if you are, you’ll appreciate this shirt from BustedTees. It’s as unique as Marty is, and there isn’t an alternate version in black and silver for Jonathan Quick.

For those of you could care less about the Devs (or even hockey for that matter), be sure to browse the other shirts under the Loyalist name; they cover a broad range of sports and teams.